We Are Women March August 18, 2012


Where: Washington D.C. (Note that this is a national march for women’s rights at our country’s capital. We will try our best to provide transportation details, but suggest that members coordinate transportation activities as best they can amongst themselves.)

The goal of We Are Woman is to draw national and worldwide attention to the facts. 1,100 pieces of legislation, women being called “sluts” and “prostitutes,” birth control mandates, politicians like Rand Paul and Rick Santorum actively working to overthrow Roe V Wade, personhood laws, fetal pain laws. The facts are clear, the evidence is front and center. This is in fact a war on women, and we will fight back. We refuse to use violence or rhetoric or incendiary comments or lies to win. We Are Woman is firm in our resolve and committed to a non violent protest and march on Washington, DC. In order to be heard, we need not be violent, we need not be destructive; in fact our message will be heard more clearly if we are the polar opposite of the new GOP.